Why Elucid?

GraphQL is awesome, but it's not without its complications.


Because GraphQL replaces the explicit architecture of a RESTful API, it increases the conceptual complexity for a developer interacting with it.

In addition to lacking out-of-the-box HTTP status code manipulation, error messaging can also become vague and ambiguous.

It’s not always clear when a null response field is the result of a queried-for data point simply not existing in the server, versus being the result of a malformed query or even an internal server error on the part of the GraphQL installation.


Elucid is an extension of graphql.js that improves GraphQL's error messaging and status code handling.

It's lightweight and easy to get off the ground. It's not an entire framework for developers to adopt, just something to make their lives a little easier.

We believe Elucid is the most essential, minimalist error handling library for Javascript implementations of GraphQL available today. We hope you’ll give it a try and find that it helps illuminate the path forward in your own projects.


This project is under ISC License.

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